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The perfect way to relax

What better way to relax than spending the day in your PJs? Pajama days are the perfect days to relax, curl up with a book or enjoy a movie. Forget about work or house chores, lounge in your PJ and relax.

The perfect way to stay warm

Gone are sweaters and cardigans.  KARIS has conceived and designed the perfect pajama which will keep you warm during the day and night.

An opportunity to spend time with your family

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we started spending more time at home with our loved ones. This change in lifestyle led to a change in fashion style and home wear items have become a must-have! Pajamas give you the freedom to go about your day while allowing your body to relax.

A chance to let your hair down

It can be stressful to pick a work outfit every morning, especially when you love to stand out. Whenever you get the chance to spend some time at home, forget about your stress and let go. If a stress-free weekend or holiday is what you are looking for, forget about jogging suits or jeans and t-shirts and stay in your pajamas all day long.

An occasion to discover new activities

People are affected by their environment and their surroundings. The Covid-19 pandemic made us realize that life at school, university or work is very different from life at home. With telecommuting, housework, partners and children, the confinement can be quite challenging, especially for women. However, at KARIS we always like to see the bright side so for us the confinement is the perfect opportunity to kick back in your pajamas, finish the book gathering dust on your shelf, start a new series, learn a new recipe and discover all kinds of fun indoor activities.

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